Our Projects

Our Main Vision

The vision of the organization is to embed a sustainability approach to our day to day operations.
This is both a short and long-term vision. Our ambition is to be able to be involved in agricultural activities that will allow us to fend for the children we represent without always having to rely on donations in the future.


Our approach is to purchase a farm, a short distance outside the town of Polokwane.
On this farm we intend to have a building where our children can reside, as well as a sustainable farming project in order to feed the children i.e. crop farming, chicken pens for meat and eggs, dairy cows for milk and sheep and cattle for meat.

In the long term, we aim to do commercial farming of which the profits generated can go contribute towards the current day to day operations of Samaritan Children’s

We’ve identified a farm which we feel would be suitable for the needs of the organization 10 Kilometers outside of Polokwane.
The farm attributes are as follows:
– 43 Hectares – Farmstead with furnished kitchen, 14 bedrooms with bunk beds that can accommodate
52 children – Conference center – Two boreholes (connected to two 10 000 Liter tanks) – Dam – Irrigation pipes – Four guest house rooms – Fenced periphery – 1 hectare of cleared land
The reason for choosing this farm is that there are two quarries across from it. The quarries are in need of 50 residential units for their employees which can be constructed on the farm.
The owner of the farm does not have the necessary capital to construct these units currently.
We, therefore, see this aspect of the farm as an advantage in that the organization would be able to have an income immediately in addition to the conference center and guest house.

Day-care center

The other intention is for these profits to finance the high tech day center we aim to construct in the long term.
We realize the capital required as well as the technical complexities involved in this vision. We therefore as a point of departure, hope to search and find companies/Institutions with strong Humanitarian policies to assist us in realizing this humble vision.

Short Terms Goals


Firstly we would like to secure accommodation for our children on a farm we identified 10 Km’s outside Polokwane for reasons which will be explained in this document.
Secondary to this, we would like to attain the services of an Agribusiness consultant to conduct a feasibility study of the farming activities that will allow us to maximize the full potential of the farm.
In the same regard, we’d also be looking to using the funds to secure services of a consultant that would advise on markets and end-user pricing and logistics.
In the event that the feasibility of the farm are in accordance with the satisfaction of the board of the NGO due to sustainability.
We aim to raise funds for the hiring of tractors, clearing and preparing the land, purchasing fertilizer and seeds and all other activities relating to a successful farming project.
As a basis, these funds will go towards start-up capital for the farming initiative that is detailed in our Midterm objectives.

Midterm Goals

There are predominantly two objectives.
The first being to ensure that our farm vision (described in Short and Mid-term goals) is a success. At that point, our long-term view would be consolidating such success by expanding the scope of the agricultural operations.
Second, to this objective is to fulfill a vision which is currently dormant. Below is a description:
In 2005 the municipality of Polokwane donated land (Document attached in the legal document section of NGO profile file). ERF 11341 Pietersburg extension 48.
From that time until present we secured the services of MEG architects to draw up building plans and to do costing estimates of a high tech day care center which will be used to attend to the medical needs of our children as well as serving the immediate needs of the community. Exclusively community member that are affected with HIV AIDS.


Since the inception of the organization in 2002, there has never been a full-time fund-raising function in the organization. As a result, there have been moments in history that have presented financial challenges which made it difficult to carry out the primary objectives of our beloved organization.
The board of directors has resolved to support the fund-raising efforts of this new role more especially in light of the global crisis of food security, water shortages and increasing petrol prices in the South African economy.
The management of the NGO firmly believes that this sustainability approach will aid in preserving its existence into the future. It will allow us to continue serving the needs of our community and will give us a better opportunity to have a broader reach in the province of Limpopo and South Africa at large.
We are steadfast in our determination and commitment to achieving the goals we have set forth in this document. Our wish is that our vision may resonate with as many companies and Institutions within South Africa and abroad.
We hope that the readers of this plan will open their financial and skill resources to us and assist us in this dream of becoming the ultimate Samaritans to the orphan child of South Africa,
Thank you
Thuto Simon Mashego

Governance and personnel

Board of Directors which include one(1) beneficiary

22 full time staff members

volunteers with different skills relevant to the development of the children


Provide accommodation for orphaned children from destitute situations.
To ensure good parental care for children to safeguard normal development
Improve the quality of life for infected children.
To ensure the survival of children with chronic conditions.
To facilitate the process of special protection especially for
the female child.
To facilitate the participation of PWA’s in achieving these objectives.