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Samaritan Children’s Home, A Loving Orphanage in Polokwane

The adoption process

It’s essential for the prospective parent/applicant make a decision regarding the child they are looking to adopt i.e. the applicant should decide about the age and sex of the baby or child they would like to adopt so that their personal expectations can be met.

To legally adopt a child, the prospective applicant needs to either work through an accredited adoption social worker or through an accredited adoption agency. Adoption will take place as per the statutory accredited adoption system of South Africa

The adoption process begins with submission of an application to the agency or social worker. The prospective adoptive parent should familiarize themselves with the requirements of the party they intend to work through.

A preparation and screening is required for the prospective clients. This process entails references, marriage assessments, interviews with the adoption professionals, orientation meetings, home visits, police clearance, psychological assessments, full medicals.

This process assists the adoption professionals to establish the prospective parent’s suitability. Once this is done the prospective parents are place on a waiting list.

The natural step after this is that of introducing the child to the prospective parents, the length of time varying according to the child’s age and other conditions that might prevail through the screening process.

The official placement of the child with the adoptive parents is a legal process, carried out through the Children’s Court. Once the child has been with the new parents for a period of time and the social worker has assessed the adoption to be in the best interests of the child, the adoption is finalized through the Children’s Court. The child then becomes the legal child of the adoptive parents as if the child was born to them and has all the same rights as a biological child.

The Samaritan Children’s Home plays a supportive role and does not specialize with adoption directly. However they work alongside specialized professionals. We are affiliated to the National Adoption Coalition and work alongside Abba specialist adoption & social services