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Samaritan Children’s Home, A Loving Orphanage in Polokwane

The Samaritan Children’s Home was established in and registered as a provincial non-profit organization in the year 2002. We provide accommodation and give parental care to orphaned children. The entry point for any child is 0 and exit is 18yrs.

These children are usually brought by Social Workers from Dept. of Social Development through court order. Currently, we have forty-four (44) school going children attending pre-school, primary, high school and special school.

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Every child needs a warm place to stay and a loving family.


  • Provide accommodation for orphaned children from destitute situations.
  • To ensure good parental care for children to safeguard normal development
  • Improve the quality of life for infected children.
  • To ensure the survival of children with chronic conditions.
  • To facilitate the process of special protection especially for the female child.
  • To facilitate the participation of PWA’s in achieving these objectives.


Samaritan Children’s Home has a mission that all children irrespective of his/her status, gender, color and disability should be properly cared for according to the constitution of this country.

We devote our self in channeling and making sure that all children’s dream are fulfilled with pride.


The organization devotes itself to the care and support of infected and mostly affected orphans from destitute situations in order to improve the quality of their lives and help them become responsible and productive citizen of this country.

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Programs rendered


Healthy children are one of the core function of the organization as it cares for children with special needs and other chronic illnesses that require professional attention. Sessions such as health talks, personal hygiene, and support groups are a very critical part of the health section.



The Social section ensures the emotional and social aspect of the children’s lives through meaningful participation in issues affecting them, listening and responding to children’s problems, helping them to understand their history and identity. They are also provided with life skills and a safe place to play.


Samaritan children’s home allows their children to go to church every Sunday and also invites pastors from different churches to give spiritual upliftment to the children. the children play piano and have formed a choir for themselves, whereby they are invited to perform at churches.


All children are given an opportunity to go to school including babies, Care Givers, and Volunteers assist them with their homework and projects after school.


Our children are given opportunities to explore their abilities through playing indigenous games and different activities in which they learn cooking, singing in order to discover themselves


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